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G4S – Powering lives through CSR

A company’s worth is not only built on its profits, sales and reach but on its impact on society, communities and the environment. We call it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It has become an important factor that decides the success of an organization. Today, we have a long list of companies that are reshaping their traditional processes and introducing innovative ways to balance the ever-increasing environmental concern through CSR.

 G4S India, a leading security solutions group, has undertaken numerous CSR activities since its inception in 1989 and made a difference to thousands of lives across India. In this journey, G4S has collaborated with several NGOs and organized numerous programs to bring change across communities.

 The company in association with CanSupport, a registered not-for-profit society provides “palliative care” (informed and compassionate medical, nursing and emotional care) to those cancer patients who get no support after their treatment fails. A team of palliative experts including doctors, nurses and counsellors provide high-quality medical and nursing care services along with psychosocial and spiritual support; all free of charge. The team regularly visits these patients living in underserved societies, slums and villages who can’t travel due to extreme sickness and no proper means. Apparently, 93% of patients were satisfied with the facilities.

 Under its tie-up with India Vision Foundation (IVF), G4S facilitates a crèche, a unique play school within the women’s prison at the Tihar Jail in New Delhi, and in prisons in Faridabad and Gurgaon. These crèches ensure that children of women inmates have ample growth opportunities without the stigma of their mother’s imprisonment, while they still live behind bars along with their mothers. It offers emotional, mental and physical wellbeing to such children. Together, they have organized workshops on good parenting, activities on Children’s Day and Mother’s Day celebrations, among others, and helped transform more than 979 children till date.

 With IVF, G4S has also conducted activities, including weaving behind bars, e-library and computer training for women inmates. Under the e-Library project, foreign and other educated and older inmates can read books and are given tablets to read and pass time fruitfully. Skill building is another initiative wherein G4S has collaborated with corporates to offer certified training programs on stitching & tailoring, beautician courses etc in all prisons in the NCR. Computer training, on the other hand, promotes digital literacy and includes teachers among the inmates holding either a diploma of computer training from any institute or have work experience of any private company. It’s a 3-month program to learn the basics of a computer after which inmates are given certificates.

 G4S has another project called G4S Shiksha School, which is designed for underprivileged children and strives to discourage child labour, drug addiction and gambling etc. This school is operated by the Hope Foundation providing basic amenities like mid-day meals, books, school bags, uniforms, stationery items etc.

With all such initiatives, G4S strives to work for the greater good of the society. The company, through these activities, shows its concern towards the environment and serving humanity. It believes CSR is a key to unlock society’s potential to grow and develop and, thus, bring innovation even at the grassroots level.

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