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Praja Foundation released its third MLA report card for Delhi

Tuesday, 28th August, 2018: Praja Foundation released its third MLA report card for Delhi, tracking the performance of MLAs in Delhi State Government, which is predominated by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) with 66 out of 70 seats.

“A party with a difference was the clarion call of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in its election campaign and the people of Delhi overwhelmingly voted for them. Established parties were wiped out. A full mandate was given to AAP to establish a corruption free, efficient and accountable government which delivers good governance. However, the overall scores have fallen from 58.83% in 2016 to 55.39% in 2018”, said Milind Mhaske, Director of the foundation.

The performance of the MLAs with reference to perceived performance shows a score fall from 57.59% in 2017 to 55.94% in 2018. Accessibility of citizens towards MLA’s has shown a perceived fall from 64.91% in 2017 to 50.38% in 2018.

In terms of quality of issues raised, no MLA has received a score of more than 70%. Areas in which they could really make a difference are Education, Water Supply, Environment and Citizens outreach, which has not been addressed as it should have been.

The rise in number of MLAs with criminal cases have been drastically increasing since last assembly elections of 2015. The affidavits submitted by current MLAs before elections showed only 9 had criminal cases however, as of 31st December 2017, the total of 32 MLAs have criminal cases registered against them. This was surely not expected by the citizens of Delhi, hoping for clean politics before electing their representatives for State Assembly. In regards to the criminal cases, Mhaske mentioned, “The Special Fast Track Court as of 31st July 2018 has dismissed 19 out of 22 cases charged on AAP elected representatives, which has not been sheltered in this report as we have covered the data of criminal records and proceedings till 31st December 2017. The acquittals post 1st January 2018 will be covered in our next report”.

Praja Foundation believes in parity and hence, has collected the mentioned data through Right to Information (RTI) Act and perception survey from 28,624 citizens of Delhi across various constituencies with the help of Hansa Research, a reputed research firm.

“The Delhi Jal Board and Education Department are examples under the Delhi government which could have been better administered, but has not lived up to the expectations of the people of Delhi. The number of complaints of no water supply rose dramatically from 34,554 to in 2015 to 52,100 in 2017. The performance of students in 2016-17 CBSE exams in the 10th standard and the board exams in the 12th standard, was only possible because consistently nearly 43% of the students in the 9th standard and 26% of students in the 11th standard, were failed in 2015-16 in State government schools, to achieve these results.” Nitai Mehta, Founder and Trustee of Praja Foundation stated.


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