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US freezes security assistance to Pakistan, calls it Terrorist Haven

  The United States has suspended its security assistance to Pakistani forces, the State Department said Thursday, demanding “decisive action” against Taliban factions based in the country.

Spokeswoman Heather Nauert was unable to put a dollar sum on the funds that will be frozen, but said it was in addition to the $255 million in military aid it has already put on hold.

“Today we can confirm that we are suspending security assistance to Pakistan at this time,” Nauert said.

“Until the Pakistani government takes decisive action against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani group — we consider them to be a destabilizing the region and targeting US personnel — the United States will suspend that type of security assistance to Pakistan.”

The United States did not specify in details the specific actions Pakistan is required to undertake to earn back that assistance, which is mostly extended to enable Islamabad to bolster its counterterrorism capability with, if needed, military hardware purchases from the US with US funding.

The specific assistance impacted, according to talking points put together by the US State Department, are Foreign Military Financing (FMF), which provides Pakistan a credit line for purchases from the US, and Coalition Support Fund (CSF), a reimbursement for supporting coalition forces in Afghanistan.

The economic assistance, which has been worth $11 billion, of the total $33 billion since 2002, will continue, unaffected.

Asked about the size of the security assistance suspended, state department spokesperson Heather Nauert said at the daily briefing, “We are still working through some of those dollar numbers right now.”


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