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‘Public Talk Of India’ is bubble with meanings. It is a concept. If we lay a stone at its foundation and start cementing the bricks one on another, then an edifice of human resource will take a physical form.
I have coined this title as the name of newspaper ‘Public Talk Of India’. It is conveniently written and called PTI. I swear that this abbreviated title has no relation with any big name or any brand name.
As I have earlier mentioned that it is a concept and its broad meaning lies into the title ‘Public Talk Of India’ itself. The title tries to have nose to the news. We know that there are talks are all around us but all talks do not become ‘Public Talk’. Some ‘talks’ around us make us sensitive and aware become ‘public talk’ and this is the brainchild behind the concept of Public Talk Of India.
Public Talk Of India has a tagline “Let’s talk to be heard” It has also a logo. Logo takes a ‘P’ shape including three alphabets i.e., PTI. This title has four editions of its publications. Public Talk of India had been entitled by DCP Licensing , New Delhi three years ago and later registered under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, Govt. Of India by Registrar of Newspaper in India(RNI). Its first publication was a weekly bilingual newspaper and by times it has added English monthly, English daily and Hindi daily.
Today I really feel blessed to be an owner and editor of this title. I have managed to travel at the challenging path of print media world having journalistic sense and ethics. It would not had been possible without the grace of almighty, blessings of my parents and family and all possible support and well wishes of my good friends.
Public Talk Of India is now a family. It has become a diaspora of intellectuals which includes journalists, columnists, academicians, researchers, advocates, bureaucrats and activists.
Public Talk Of India has developed the sources for collecting news only. Our expert team of journalists believe in doing something innovative and across the board. They are professionals with the core and always updated. Their qualities are the resultant of long work experience with reputed media houses.
Public Talk Of India organizes annual meet every year since its foundation in 2013. Generally it arranges a panel discussion on the current and relevant topic of the time. There is a tradition of felicitating deserving people on this occasion. Public talk of India family constitutes a research committee to shortlist some names from different fields such as journalism, academy, business, art and culture, entertainment, administration, medicine, politics and others. The awardee gets recognition through getting a shield, shawl and certificate by the hands of dignitaries present there as chief guest and guest of honour.

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Public Talk Of India